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 Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen (LLVT)

is a Spanish citizen born of a Danish mother in Chicago, Illinois.  She’s lived 19 years in Spain, 18 years in the USA, 10 years in the UK and 2 in the Netherlands.  Her qualifications include a BA in English Literature, a Law degree, an MBA, and a slew of smaller certifications that seemed to make her truly unemployable.  This conundrum inspired her first published tome: SPANISH ANGST (2006): a high concept comedy about the difficulties of making it in the working world. 


A writer from childhood with some performance in her past, Luisa maintains a blog at Recordings and other excerpts of LLVT’s banter can be seen on the website; including video performance of storytelling in Utrecht and a short script about getting dumped.  That short script was the departure point for this second work about the pain of love and how one woman dealt with it; or didn’t until it was time to bury the torch.


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