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Clarion Foreword Review is in!!

Posted 25/10/2016

"Quiet and realistic in its examination of the dangers of young love, this is a sympathetic coming-of-age story."

"In The Torch Bearer’s Exorcism, Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen tells a painful coming-of-age tale about illusions
and heartbreak. The stories people tell themselves can be more powerful than reality, as hapless heroine Cherie
discovers firsthand. Cherie sympathetically chases love, but instead of finding it, falls into the trap of believing in an
In the 1980s, Cherie leaves an abusive home to embark on a college career. There, she meets charismatic
David. Taken in by his charms, she falls desperately in love. But as their relationship proceeds, she learns that he
may not be who he claims to be. Despite his declarations of devotion, signs point to perfidy on multiple levels. With
her heart overtaking her reason, Cherie hesitates to address the mounting evidence and confront David for the truth.
The novel clearly establishes David’s impending betrayal through his poor treatment of Cherie, first through
multiple romantic encounters that he later fails to acknowledge in public, and then through his notorious flirtations with
Cherie’s acquaintances. The linking of David with other women would normally shatter the confidence of a hopeful
girlfriend, but his silver tongue soothes away Cherie’s doubts. Cherie’s romantic misadventures are relatable
throughout, reflecting the experiences of co-eds experiencing their first brushes with adult love.
An often cynical look at college years and romance, The Torch Bearer’s Exorcism is a cautionary tale about
getting too swept up in what looks like love...."

The full review will be on the Foreword website througout November.

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