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Posted 20/9/2016

The Torchbearer's Exorcism is an intelligent work of modern fiction

By Christine Hultgren - Published on
Format: Paperback
The Torchbearer's Exorcism is an intelligent work of modern fiction. It examines a college girl's first true love and how introducing sex into the relationship, combined with strong physical chemistry can wreak havoc on one's heart strings. It chronicles Cherie's ongoing relationship with David and bluntly examines the different ways in which men and women view relationships. In college, men often view sex as a hookup, a way to get laid, and/or count the the number of notches they make on their bedpost. Whereas women fall in love and examine the relationship in minute detail, the relationship's ebbs and flows; the "He loves me, he loves me not" guessing games a woman eventually learns are not a sign of love, but are an indicator of a man's interest/or lack thereof.This book does that all the while being gripping and heartbreaking.
What makes the story even more interesting s the author's inclusion of her own photographs, drawings and music lyrics that provide more insight into Cherie's point of view and how she deals with love and loss into growth and independence on numerous levels.
The afterword/prologue brings to mind the adage "truth is stranger then fiction," and the horror one feels when exposed to the truth of what lies behind closed doors and the fact that the strength of character the author possesses is only one of her positive traits.

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