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Posted 4/10/2016

a harrowing tale of a one-sided love affair

"Varela Tychsen (Spanish Angst, 2007) offers a harrowing tale of a one-sided love affair.

Cherie, the narrator of this story, has just started college, where she’s elated to escape her abusive, demeaning parents. She soon meets David, with whom she feels an instant connection, and the two become physically involved. However, his failure to acknowledge their relationship publicly is troubling to her. As time goes on, she has reason to doubt his
commitment (and monogamy), until she’s ultimately forced to confront his indifference to her feelings. Along the way, she suffers emotional damage because of her attachment to him. The story also offers vignettes of other time periods in Cherie’s life, which describe other damaging incidents, often in great detail. In many ways, this book is a bold exercise
that abandons some traditional writing conventions, such as straightforward chronology and chapter organization...."

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