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My mind is running at a different speed

a different pace

it's not the same place as hers

I gotta gotta get out or I'll lose it all

Gonna lose my mind

Wanna leave this all behind




I have to be honest.

It hurt me at first.

Your hatred slapped me in the face.

Your utter malice caught my breath; threatening.

But to tell you the truth,

now that I've had time to assess

and think things through;

I realise I kind of like that you

don't speak to me in your grating

high pitched whine.

I like that you don't tell me of

your trivial sordid life.

What I cannot stand is your righteousness.

Your insipid intolerance sickens me

since we both know you are not better than I.

Since we both know what you really feel.




If by artistic you mean they have no ability to sing, can't carry a note, screw up the continuity of the story by rearranging what could be an award winning script and overact; then I suppose yes...  they are very artistic...  much more so than you...




My life is a sea

and the floor of the ocean is weak.

No one can save me.

I've got to fight the leaks.

I'm stuck between the cracks

but I can't get out.

If I struggle I get racked.


I want to come up

yet when I try I fall deeper.

It's about as useful as giving a cup

of vodka to a dead man or a sleeper.

The floor of the ocean is deep

and without light it is black

yet trying is useless.  I'll never sleep.


Let the wine flow freely;

let the smoke fill the room;

laugh all you want, for really

you're simply postponing your doom.

Reality will come to you.  You'll see.

It will come just as defeat and desperation came to me

and left my life at the bottom of the sea.



New Day

Bedecked with synthetic eyelashes, a false figure, my most expensive imitation silk, an artificially altered flesh tone, chemically affected hair colour, an assortment of metal adornments and five distinct kinds of facial enhancers; I stepped outside to meet yet another day that I knew I would not appreciate.



A Pledge

I now prey from the dark peace where pain and ignorance dwell.  I now pray from the dark place where pain and ignorance wait.

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